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2018 Exhibition Scale 展会规模

Total No.of Exhibitors 参展商总数:216+

No.of China Exhibitors 国内展商总数:189+

Overseas Exhibitors (including HK,Macau&Taiwan)


Exhibiton Total Area 展览总面积:18000㎡

Among them, exhibitors from overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) accounted for 12%. 其中境外(含港澳台)参展企业占12%,

Guangdong enterprises accountsf or 66%  广东企业占66%,

Zhejing accountsfor 10 %  浙江10%,

Fujian accounts for 9%   福建9%,

China other areas acoount for3%  国内其他地区3%




Exhibits are more inclined to mechanical products, exhibitor exhibits range analysis:





The total scope includes: shoe machine, shoe material, footwear accessories, leather, synthetic leather (PU/PVC), leather chemicals, leather, shoe materials and raw materials, hardware accessories; shoe machinery, luggage leather machinery, sewing equipment, printing Equipment, laser cutting equipment and other related ancillary products.

81% of them are machinery and leather bags and bags.

Shoes, materials and accessories, leather and chemicals accounted for 13%.

Other footwear related supporting technology products exhibition 6%



Feedback from Exhibitors 参展商对展会评价

Participation Result 参展成效:

95%   Exhibitors concluded their partipation from satisfactory to excellent


86%   Exhibitors are satisfied with the quality of the buyers present.


91%   Exhibitors are interested in participating in 2019 Guangzhou International Shoes Machinery

 Material Leather Industry Fair



Visitor profile 观众资料

Total No. of Visitors 观众总数:15322

Visitor from China 国内观众: 11798

Visitor from Overseas 海外观众总数:3524

Find the target product and partners找到目标产品及合作对象:93%

Find no target products and not cooperation没有找到目标产品及未合作:7%




Visitors' evaluation of the exhibition:


This year's exhibition was held for the first time. Compared with other similar exhibitions, I have seen a lot of more powerful exhibitors and quality exhibits, and I have found many new suppliers.

---越南买家:董显甫先生 Vietnamese buyer: Mr. Dong Xianyu


The scale and product types of this year's exhibition are so many. The Shoe Association has been very successful for the first time. The exhibitions are rich in variety, especially the types of machinery are very numerous, very comprehensive, and have met more excellent suppliers. I believe the exhibition will be bigger next year. There will be more Yuanchuang design and enterprise exhibitors.

 ---中国上海买家:严小华女士China Shanghai buyer:Ms. YanXiaohua


Our annual purchases in China are very large. Every year we come to Guangzhou to see the exhibition. This new exhibition service is very good! The parking is free, and the lunch and tea break are also included. The types of machinery exhibited by the exhibitors are very comprehensive. The exhibition is rich in harvest and gives us a good experience. Thank you for your caring service.

---新加坡YD Shoes 集团,高先生 Siingapore YD Shoes Group Mr.Gao


上届展会已于2018年6月1日圆满闭幕,国内外行业知名企业纷纷到场参观,观众采购商分别来自中国内地各省市、越南、缅甸、新加坡、马来西亚、泰国、菲律宾、中国台湾、中国香港、孟加拉、巴西、埃及、法国、德国、日本、韩国、美国、墨西哥、印度、印尼、西班牙、英国、巴基斯坦、土耳其等国家和地区的专业鞋厂到场参观采购,其中包括世界知名鞋业生产商:耐克、阿迪达斯、锐步、彪马、匡威、茵宝、KAPPA背靠背、New Balance新百伦、Kswiss盖世威、Asics爱世克斯、Manolo Blahnik、Jimmy Choo、Christian Louboutin、Silvano Lattanz郎丹泽、铁狮东尼等国际知名品牌,国内知名企业有安踏、361度、特步、宝成集团、达芙妮、奥康、康奈、匹克、鸿星尔克、森达、红蜻蜓、金利来、裕元集团、华坚集团。绿洲鞋业、绿阳鞋业、顺天集团、力祥鞋业、力展鞋业、功盛集团、华风集团、瑞恩鞋业、瑞星鞋业、瑞邦鞋业、汉诣鞋业等近6000家企业到会参观采购。

The last exhibition was successfully concluded on June 1, 2018. Famous domestic and foreign industry companies visited the exhibition. The buyers were from the provinces and cities of China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Professional shoe factories from Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries and regions visited the site, including world-renowned footwear manufacturers. : Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Hummer, Converse, Umbro, KAPPA Back to Back, New Balance, Kswiss, Asics, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Silvano Lattanz, Daniel, etc. International well-known brands, domestic well-known enterprises include Anta, 361 degrees, Xtep, Baocheng Group, Daphne, Aokang, Kangnai, Peak, Hongxing Erke, Senda, Hung Hom, Jinlilai, Yueyuan Group, Huajian Group. Oasis Footwear, Green Sun Shoes, Suncheon Group, Lixiang Shoes, Lizhan Shoes, Gongsheng Group, Huafeng Group, Ryan Shoes, Ruixing Shoes, Ruibang Shoes, Hangu Shoes, etc. Nearly 6,000 companies visited the conference.



Introduction to the exhibition in 2019:



The industry has set up a professional international shoe machine shoe leather industry exhibition held again

In recent years, the cost of shoes and shoe materials enterprises has remained high. In order to promote the development of the industry, maintain the order of the industry, reduce the cost of exhibiting enterprises, and improve the gains and benefits of exhibiting, the industry association sponsors the professional international shoes and shoes leather. The industrial exhibition will be held again at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Pazhou, Guangzhou from May 28th to 31st, 2019. This exhibition is a self-organized exhibition for the shoe machine industry. It is jointly organized by Guangdong Shoes Machinery Association and Guangzhou Guanglv Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Hosted, Dongguan Shoes Machinery Chamber of Commerce strongly supported.


1.标准展位(3m X 3m)9平方米收费RMB7800/个(包含标准展位配置及搭建)

2.光地展位:收费RMB7150元 / 9平方米(36平方米起租,不包含任何设施)


Participatation fee:

1.Standard booth (3m X 3m) 9 square meters for RMB 7800/piece (including standard booth configuration and construction);

2.Raw space booth: RMB 7150 / 9 square meters (36 square meters for rent, does not include any facilities)

3.The mechanical access to the exhibition hall forklift is free of charge.





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